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Italix Churchman's Prescriptor

Note: Customers in the USA and all 'long haul' overseas locations should be cautious when ordering ink cartridges or bottled ink. Such containers can leak in transit.


The Churchman's Prescriptor

Just £55 inc.VAT
A quality fountain pen finished in black lacquer with gold plated clip and cap band.

This model now comes with the options of Standard Fine (Non Italic) and Standard Broad (Non Italic). We also offer Medium Non Italic with solid 18K Gold nib.

 IMPORTANT : Engraving can have a gold fill or can be left without a fill. When there is no filling the engraving will be very subtle but can be seen clearly when the pen is turned to the light. Engraving without a fill is recommended as it retains the quality of the piano lacquer. The gold fill engraving is bolder but will not hold the gold appearance for very long and will quickly fade to the appearance of an engraving without a fill.

  • A substantial pen, piano lacquer on brass base.
  • Weighs 45 g.
  • 15 cms long with cap posted, 12.5 cms long with cap off.
  • 1.5 cms diameter across widest point of the barrel.
  • Screw cap.
  • Italic or conventional nib options.
  • Medium italic 1.1 mm approx on the broad stroke, Broad italic 1.3mm approx on the broad stroke.  We now offer a fine italic at about 0.85 mm on the broad stroke. The Fine Italic is slightly cursive as it is cut at the tip of the pellet.
  • Cursive Stub Nibs, do not give such a pronounced italic effect but because the tip of the nib is rounded it is less likely to dig the paper.
  • We have now added 'Extra Fine' non italic option, this is a 25% reduction on the standard fine.
  • Takes standard euro cartridges or fill from a bottle with converter supplied.
  • Large plated two tone nib housed in short nib unit to enable grip on barrel section.
  • We can engrave a name or initials on the cap, lettering has a gold effect. Note this is not a deep engraving, the gold colour will fade but actual engraved letters are very durable.
  • We now offer up to three initials engraved on the gold button on the cap end, a charge of £10 plus VAT is made for this optional service.

Note: Nib choices, most people are content to use a standard medium or medium italic. Oblique nibs can be helpful when the writer needs a corrective slant to the nib tip. Be cautious when selected these adapted nibs, if you need advice just call us on 01895 630361, remember you have thirty days after purchase to exchange your nib. Please note the finer the italic the less obvious is the thick and thin line definition. Our fine italic only shows a marginal difference between the thick and thin strokes.

Leather Pen Case?

Bottle of Ink or refills?

Enhance your gift with an engraved plate on the gift case.

Price excludes VAT and delivery

A Review of the Churchman's Prescriptor

A Review by Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown has a huge following on YouTube for his independent fountain pen reviews. This link is to his review of the Italix Churchman's Prescriptor.

Click Here


I took delivery on Tuesday of the Prescriptor with the broad Italic nib.
What a delightful pen this is to use. It is one of the smoothest pens I have ever used.
The ink flows very easily and my somewhat scruffy handwriting develops a bit of character with the pen.
For the money it is an affordable treat. I could buy 4 of these for the price of a Namiki Falcon (which I will treat myself to one day) but in the meantime I must congratulate you on bringing together such a great package. No wonder you are sold out: the word must be on the street of pen lovers that you have brought out a nice bit of kit.

I also bought your blended Radiant Blue which is rather nice with a bit of shading in it on the broader strokes, again offered at an affordable price.

When you have them in stock I might go for one with a fine Italic as well.

Keep up the good work.

2nd Nov 2012


Dear Sirs,

Just to let you that my order for an Italix Churchman’s Prescriptor (Order reference: 047120) arrived safely earlier today and that again I am absolutely delighted with the style and weight of the pen and with its superb Broad Italic nib.  It’s writing as smoothly as does the Parson’s Essential.  A really excellent pen for the cost.  I am a very happy bunny.  Thank you for the great service.  I am tempted to buy more to use with different coloured inks.  At the moment it’s Diamine Jet Black and Diamine Royal Blue.


Many thanks again and best wishes.


Michael H. J (Edinburgh)

23 Nov 12

Nibs the definitive

Customers sometimes dispute our nib descriptions.

  • No.1 is an oblique, sometimes called a left foot
  • No. 2 is a reverse oblique, sometimes called a right foot. 
  • No. 3 A straight for people who can hold the nib at a constant angle.
  • Standard nib with a rounded pellet for use by everyone.
  • A cursive nib has a rounded tip (not shown) and will give an italic effect but is less likely to dig the paper, however the thick line will be reduced in comparison to a straight.

Important: If you Google this subject you will get all kinds of conflicting descriptions. Some of these are based on a misunderstanding, because the nib in such cases is being viewed from the back.

Many years ago a knowledgeable lady at Sheaffer wrote to me the definitive:

"You should look at the back of the nib where the feed is. A left oblique will slant downwards from left to right and is for the right handed person.

A right oblique will slant downwards from right to left and is for a left handed person."

Oblique slants can also be a feature of a conventional nib with a pellet. Just to confuse the issue even further, we tend to sell a lot of reverse oblique nibs for the left handed because this can often apply more nib surface to the paper. Cursive nibs can also be useful, this is where the nib point is rounded at the edges but the italic effect will be reduced. If you want advice just telephone 01895 672537, or use 'Online Help'. You have a thirty day free nib exchange with MrPen so if you make the wrong choice it will not prove to be a problem.

There is no standard for nib widths, they vary from maker to maker and model to model. Ink flow, type of paper and brand of ink used, can alter the line width characteristics on the paper.

Do I need an oblique nib?

Some people can find that an oblique nib can help the writing process. How do you know if you need an oblique?

When buying a pen from an expert, they will often ask to see you writing before offering advice as to a suitable nib choice. Many customers assume that they are looking at the actual writing and because of that assumption we are often sent writing samples, these are useless as they do not tell much about the grip used. This is how you can tell whether an oblique nib will assist you.

  • Write a line of script, watch the end of the pen (the opposite end to the nib), if using an italic and your down line is usually the thin line, then observe whether the end of the pen leans towards the writer, if yes, you need a left foot oblique. If the pen leans away from you, a right foot oblique.
  • If the thin line is your cross stroke, then if the tip leans to the right, you need a right foot oblique, if it leans to the left then a left foot oblique should be chosen.
  • Non italic oblique is more of a grey area, as a standard ball tip medium, broad or fine should accommodate most writers. However if the grip leans to the extreme, an oblique slant to the tip may assist.

Should an oblique be used in all cases shown above, the answer has to be no. Many people change their grip rather than making the pen adapt to their existing grip.

Italix brand pens have a thirty day nib exchange, so all is not lost if your initial choice proves incorrect.