Italix 'Originalis'

Note: Customers in the USA and all 'long haul' overseas locations should be cautious when ordering ink cartridges or bottled ink. Such containers can leak in transit.


Italix 'Original' and Originalis Nib Sections and Spares

Italix offer inexpensive replacement and additional nib sections. 14 types.

Fits Italix 'Original' and 'Originalis' models only.

Gilt Stainless italic nibs ready to screw into the barrel of your Italix pen.

Just £5.00 each plus VAT. Also fit Studio K Symphonie pens.

  • Really inexpensive nib replacements.
  • Wider choice with still further configurations to be added.
  • Much cheaper than competitors.
  • Smooth and free flowing.
  • Made in UK by Leonardt.

Theses nibs only fit Italix 'Original' and no other Italix model.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery

Italix Originalis Black

Made in England exclusively for MrPen.
Hundreds sold worldwide.


Craftsman produced exclusively for MrPen. Quality that would give credit to a pen three times the price.

  • Black Laquer.
  • All brass liner, brass to brass screw threads.
  • Gold Plated fittings.
  • Hand turned and polished not moulded.
  • Cap screws on either end for security and balance.
  • Massive range of italic Nibs specially adapted to fit the Italix holder.
  • English made gilt nib by the maker Leonardt, very smooth with nice ink flow.
  • Inexpensive additional or replacement nib sections just £5 each plus VAT.
  • Will last a lifetime.
  • Velvet lined gift case.

This pen is ideal for use by calligraphers, music writers, artists and users who require a range of inexpensive nib options. The nib has a slightly dryer flow than the wet characteristics of some of our other Italix models. Whereas the Italix Parson's Essential would typically be the ideal pen for everyday writing, the 'Originalis' is ideal for the user with a specific calligraphic application.

Leather Pen Case?

Bottle of Ink or refills?

Enhance your gift with a FREE engraved plate on the gift case.

Designed exclusively for us to fill the gap in the market for a reasonably priced italic pen.

Note: The 'Original' is hand made especially for us in the UK by English craftsmen. We endeavour to keep to our next day delivery for the Italix Original but because of demand it is not always possible. If there is a short delay envisaged we will inform the customer by email.

Please note, these pens are made in small batches. Materials availability means that the look of your 'Originalis' may be slightly different in materials or colour from the image here.

Price excludes VAT and delivery


Italix Nib Sections and Spares

Italic, and conventional Nibs for the Italix Brand Pens, inc. Parson's, Churchmans etc.
  • Hand ground nib units
  • Choice of widths and styles
  • Metal Threads
  • Gold plated fittings
  • Made in Germany

Parson's Essential Nib Unit.

Note: It is not a good idea to buy spare nib units for the Parson's or Churchman's. Nibs need to be inside a cap to be kept ready for use or they will dry out and ink deposits accumulate on the 'feed' . This means that the nib unit must be cleaned before it is stored away for later use. It makes more sense to buy additional complete pens.

Note: The Nib and Feed option for the Parson's Essential and Viper's Strike requires an existing nib unit, buy the complete nib unit if unsure.

Excludes VAT and delivery