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The joy of creating fine handwriting either as an absorbing hobby or as a way of improving communication Sheaffer has the answer. Advanced and starter pens are included and they come from Sheaffer.

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Italic Nibs

Italic Nibs, Nib Grinding and aftersales.

Manufacturers like Waterman, Parker and Sigma still offer italic nibs within parts of their ranges. Our own brand 'Italix' is dedicated to italic pens. MrPen will also custom grind nibs for models that do not incorporate italic versions within their offering. Straight italic, and oblique, both right and left handed can be produced.

Grinding nibs will remove some of the iridium tip (where iridium has been used by the maker) however enough should remain to give the nib a long life. In certain circumstances we may use silver solder as a tipping agent if retipping is needed. In further cases the nib may be left without any tipping material at all.

An original standard medium or broad nib is used as the component to be ground. We will grind the nib pellet flat (The pellet is the tip of the nib)  and then hand finish it to shape required. Sometimes we remove the pellet altogether and grind the tines (the tines are the split point of the nib) this may leave the nib shorter than the manufacturer's original. Nibs are individually polished but may still take a while to 'run in' .

It should be understood that custom ground nibs may not be covered by the original manufacturer's guarantee. This service is only offered on new pens that are sold by MrPen, the service is not offered for customer's existing fountain pens.

If you accidently damage the nib (a short drop on the point for example) we may be able to straighten it for you. If the nib has fractured then straightening it back to a perfect state is unlikely and a chargeable replacement may be the only solution.  Again we only support the pens we have sold, such a service is often offered as a free service to those who are our patrons.

Footnote dated 29th June 09: We have just acquired a small number of Cross 18ct gold nib units in italic, oblique and double broad. These fit the Century ll series of Cross Pens.


Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy Entry Level
An inexpensive way to get started in Calligraphy. Three different nibs are available.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Mini Sets

Calligraphy Mini Set RRP £17.75, MrPen Price £15 inc.VAT
  • One Pen Holder with view window to check ink level.
  • Three colour coded Nibs Fine, medium and broad italic.
  • Four cartrdiges, assorted colours.

Price excludes VAT and delivery

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Set

Comprehensive Calligraphy Set RRP £19.95, MrPen Price £17.95 inc.VAT
  • Three Pen Holders with Ink View Window
  • Three colour coded Calligraphy Nibs Fine, Medium and Broad
  • 14 Ink cartridges in assorted colours
  • Display box

Price excludes VAT and delivery

Sigma Style Pens

These wonderful pens have the stock option of Italic and Oblique Nibs. Click on nib image to right.



Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens

Parker Sonnet Pens with Italic Nib Options
Click on logo to the right to see range

Parker Duofold Fountain Pens

Parker Duofold Pens with Italic Nib Options
Click on logo to the right to see range

Waterman Carene Fountain Pens

Waterman Carene Pens with Stub Nib Options
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The Parson's Essential Fountain Pen

 'The Parson's Essential' a truly classical fountain pen from Italix.

RRP £59. £45.00 inc.VAT. In set with matching ballpoint just £19.95 extra (special price)

If you are looking for a quality fountain pen for yourself, a student son or daughter or a truly lasting gift for someone special, this the 'Parson's Essential' is the thoughtful choice. Truly classical in appearance with the style of the 1950's. An undeniable statement of the pen maker's art.

IMPORTANT : Engraving can have a gold fill or can be left without a fill. When there is no filling the engraving will be very subtle but can be seen clearly when the pen is turned to the light. Engraving without a fill is recommended as it retains the quality of the piano lacquer. The gold fill engraving is bolder but will not hold the gold appearance for very long and will quickly fade to the appearance of an engraving without a fill.

  • Polished black lacquer barrel and cap.  This is piano lacquer and makes this pen scratch resistant.
  • Brass liner for weight and durability,
  • weighs 35g.
  • 12 cm long with cap off. 14 cm long with cap on. 16 cm with cap posted. 1.1 cm in diameter.
  • Screw cap for security, no more inky pockets.
  • Quality  two tone gold plated nib
  • Skip resistant, very free flowing ink delivery.
  • Cap and barrel made in Far East
  • Hand finished in England
  • With option of matching ballpoint
  • Sturdy clip, will grip even a shirt pocket.
  • Italic or conventional nib options.
  • Medium italic 1 mm approx on the broad stroke, Broad italic 1.3mm approx on the broad stroke.  We now offer a fine italic at about 0.85 mm on the broad stroke. The Fine Italic is slightly cursive as it is cut at the tip of the pellet.
  • Italic Oblique nib options. These are not always needed so please ask if you have doubts (01895 630361)
  • Oblique standard. These are not always needed so please ask if you have doubts (01895 630361)
  • Cursive Stub Nibs, do not give such a pronounced italic effect but because the tip of the nib is rounded it is less likely to dig the paper.
  • We have now added 'Extra Fine' non italic option, this is a 25% reduction on the standard fine.
  • Option of 18k solid gold nib, medium non italic only.
  • Comes complete with branded Schmidt Euro converter (not an extra as with premium brands)
  • Takes standard Euro cartridges
  • The writing characteristic of this pen: Wet
  • Made to last for a lifetime, almost indestructible in normal use.
  • We can engrave a name or initials on the cap, lettering has a gold effect. Note this is not a deep engraving, the gold colour will fade but actual engraved letters are very durable.
  • If this model was made by a premier name it would be priced at £80
  • Over one thousand sold worldwide.
  • Click on 'More Images' below main image above.

Note: Nib choices, most people are content to use a standard medium or medium italic. Oblique nibs can be helpful when the writer needs a corrective slant to the nib tip. Be cautious when selected these adapted nibs, if you need advice just call us on 01895 630361, remember you have thirty days after purchase to exchange your nib. Please note the finer the italic the less obvious is the thick and thin line definition. Our fine italic only shows a marginal difference between the thick and thin strokes.

See the legions of testimonials to this classical writing instrument, you can see more on the pen enthusiasts website www.fountain

Leather Pen Case?

Bottle of Ink or refills?

Enhance your gift with an engraved plate on the gift case.

Nibs left or right handed?

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Italix 'Original' and Originalis Nib Sections and Spares

Italix offer inexpensive replacement and additional nib sections. 14 types.

Fits Italix 'Original' and 'Originalis' models only.

Gilt Stainless italic nibs ready to screw into the barrel of your Italix pen.

Just £5.00 each plus VAT. Also fit Studio K Symphonie pens.

  • Really inexpensive nib replacements.
  • Wider choice with still further configurations to be added.
  • Much cheaper than competitors.
  • Smooth and free flowing.
  • Made in UK by Leonardt.

Theses nibs only fit Italix 'Original' and no other Italix model.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery


Italix Nib Sections and Spares

Italic, and conventional Nibs for the Italix Brand Pens, inc. Parson's, Churchmans etc.
  • Hand ground nib units
  • Choice of widths and styles
  • Metal Threads
  • Gold plated fittings
  • Made in Germany

Parson's Essential Nib Unit.

Note: It is not a good idea to buy spare nib units for the Parson's or Churchman's. Nibs need to be inside a cap to be kept ready for use or they will dry out and ink deposits accumulate on the 'feed' . This means that the nib unit must be cleaned before it is stored away for later use. It makes more sense to buy additional complete pens.

Note: The Nib and Feed option for the Parson's Essential and Viper's Strike requires an existing nib unit, buy the complete nib unit if unsure.

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