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Some people can find that an oblique nib can help the writing process. How do you know if you need an oblique?

When buying a pen from an expert, they will often ask to see you writing before offering advice as to a suitable nib choice. Many customers assume that they are looking at the actual writing and because of that assumption we are often sent writing samples, these are useless as they do not tell much about the grip used. This is how you can tell whether an oblique nib will assist you.

  • Write a line of script, watch the end of the pen (the opposite end to the nib), if using an italic and your down line is usually the thin line, then observe whether the end of the pen leans towards the writer, if yes, you need a left foot oblique. If the pen leans away from you, a right foot oblique.
  • If the thin line is your cross stroke, then if the tip leans to the right, you need a right foot oblique, if it leans to the left then a left foot oblique should be chosen.
  • Non italic oblique is more of a grey area, as a standard ball tip medium, broad or fine should accommodate most writers. However if the grip leans to the extreme, an oblique slant to the tip may assist.

Should an oblique be used in all cases shown above, the answer has to be no. Many people change their grip rather than making the pen adapt to their existing grip.

Italix brand pens have a thirty day nib exchange, so all is not lost if your initial choice proves incorrect.